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The Evolution of Private Securities is Just Beginning

I am proud to share that iownit is open for business!  

It has been 2.5 years since we started working on iownit. Shortly after embarking on this journey we established iownit Capital and Markets, Inc. and our wholly-owned broker-dealer subsidiary IOI Capital and Markets, LLC.

I am excited to now share that IOI Capital and Markets, LLC. has become a registered broker-dealer with an Alternative Trading System (ATS)  license. We are believed to be the first such broker-dealer in the U.S. to operate a blockchain-based platform for the digital issuance of private securities and secondary trading of private placement securities.

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Access to Private Securities Can’t Just Be a Buzzword

For private security investments to become a more transparent and utilized asset class, it has to be possible to access opportunities, manage them and, if necessary seek liquidity. This could be done on an exchange that supports multiple asset classes and allows for a diverse set of investors to transact with each other.

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Private Securities Should Be a Buyer’s Market, But It Is Not!

Why do people invest their money? We are told that investing involves the risk of loss and that the safest way to keep your earned money is to simply keep it in the bank (or other low-risk alternatives). What is it about investing that draws people in and helps them plan for the future?

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Harmonizing Private Securities Offering Regulations : 3 Themes to Consider

Over the past 15 years, the structure of capital markets in the US has changed.  While the number of companies listing their securities and raising capital in public markets has steadily declined, the number of private issuances aimed at raising capital in private markets has steadily increased1.  Reasons for this are numerous – costly compliance for companies, the abundance of capital seeking new exciting investment opportunities, changes in market structure, etc.

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Campaigning for Capital

Every day we are observing our political system at work. Whether it is an election season or time for legislative battles, we see our elected representatives and follow their work on our behalf. But is there something that entrepreneurs can learn from the workings of our political system?

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