Leveraging the latest technology in traditional capital markets

How It Works

Platform for digital private securities

We believe that the right technology can make the investing process more convenient and streamlined. Private securities markets today are complex, inefficient, paper-based and largely illiquid.


We built our platform using enterprise-grade distributed ledger technology to make private securities completely digital, reducing the cost for all market participants and increasing opportunities for secondary market liquidity.


While identifying a good investment opportunity is not easy, acting upon it should be convenient and straightforward.  We are proud to say that the iownit platform is enabling that.

Key Features

Review and Select

Review a wide selection of investment opportunities, including equity, debt or funds. Offering deal room provides a complete set of information to help you make an investment decision. Invest based on your interest and risk appetite.

Manage Your Portfolio

Keep all your investments in one online portfolio. All transaction details and history are securely stored and available to you at any time. No more lost documents or incomplete records maintained by hand.

Keep Track

Keep track of your investments' performance over time. Never miss an update from the issuer or be in the dark about the latest progress.  

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