iownit is unlike any other existing platform for the private securities market


Welcome to your digital solution to the private securities market
The private securities markets is known for inefficiency, paper processing, and illiquid assets. iownit is the evolution of the private securities market into digital securities and transactions

How it works


iownit technology creates an immutable record of ownership that complies with current regulatory requirements. It is powered by Enterprise-Grade Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain, and uses a private and permissioned Blockchain for the distributed ledger of securities ownership and transaction records.

Keep track of your investments

simple & Clear

coupled and clear

REVIEW AND monitor

With your private investments online in one portfolio, all of your updates are delivered in one place; you’ll be able to efficiently oversee the performance of your investments, and prospective investments

One Portfolio

Centralize your investments

Maintain all of your private investments in one secure account. iownit is available to you whenever you need to access it from any device without the need to install any software

information symmetry

Review and Select Wisely

On iownit, you’ll enjoy the freedom to carefully review available private investments. Then, you can identify and carefully select equity, debt or alternative investment funds for deeper consideration. The relevant data you require to make an informed decision is available in a single location

Request Access to iownit

When you join iownit, it will take less than 10 minutes to sign up for your account and submit your verification of Accredited Investor status