Addressing Inefficiency in the Private securities Market

For Focused Intermediaries

Understanding and addressing why the execution and completion of private placement transactions are inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming is the core of iownit

We built iownit to be

Despite the magnitude of annual transactions in the $1.8 trillion private securities market, the trading process remains stubbornly fragmented, opaque and operationally inefficient. Add this disadvantage to an overall lack of infrastructure, and you quickly understand how it hampers the growth opportunities for investor intermediaries. iownit improves operational efficiencies in the issuance, management, and trading of private securities, all while reducing transaction time and costs

Our team dedicated three years to build a platform that meets current regulatory requirements for private market transactions and record-keeping,

while designing a scalable infrastructure to handle the private securities market. As an intermediary, you are uniquely positioned to leverage the iownit platform to enhance current investor experience and optimize your value proposition and access to deal flow

We’re closing the gap in efficiency between private and public markets. You will experience greater opportunity, transparency, efficiency, and security and, in the process, further differentiate your firm. Although the underlying technology behind iownit is sophisticated, the platform is designed to make the act of executing an investment as simple as possible for your clients and investors


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We built iownit, leveraging enterprise-grade blockchain technology, to provide a trusted source of ownership data for private securities. By digitizing and securing the records, we enable the market to evolve to the next level of efficiency, reduce friction in capital flows, increase access, lower cost and open up opportunities for new financial innovation

iownit is not a crowdfunding platform. It is a technology-enabled private securities investment platform that aims to reduce the cost, time and friction associated with the current transactional processing of private securities, while also compliant with current regulations

iownit is an online alternative trading system (ATS). The iownit trading system allows for the digitization of private securities

iownit supports the issuance and trading of private securities, as defined by ’33 Act, issued pursuant to exemptions

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By decentralizing the investment process, investors are able to conduct more efficient due diligence, better manage their positions, diversify their portfolios, and gain access to liquidity when it’s needed through secondary markets and trading