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iownit simplifies your cap-table management through a completely digital platform that supports capital raising, equity issuance, and the ongoing management of your company's financial lifecycle.

We built iownit to be

iownit is powered by enterprise-grade Blockchain and provides a digitized cap-table on a decentralized platform. This allows investors anywhere in the world to discover and potentially invest in your company. 

iownit can reduce the transaction cost in time and money for you and your investors, allowing you to focus on building your company.

Although the underlying technology behind iownit is sophisticated, the platform is designed to make the process of completing the investment transaction as simple as possible

We encourage and welcome


iownit supports existing and new cap-table management, term-sheets, and the issuance of private securities. Instead of relying on third parties to determine the investability of your company, allow investors to conduct their own due diligence, in a manner similar to how they approach investing in public markets.

iownit is an online alternative trading system (ATS) powered by Blockchain. iownit allows entrepreneurs to manage their company’s cap-table and issue shares to investors through a completely digital process

iownit is not a crowdfunding platform. It is a technology-enabled private securities investment platform that aims to reduce the cost, time and friction associated with the current transactional processing of private securities, while also compliant with current regulations

iownit offers entrepreneurs the ability to issue shares in their company, and more efficiently engage with investors to raise capital

iownit provides entrepreneurs the tools to manage a cap-table, raise capital, build investor relationships, and issue shares in their companies all through a single platform

The iownit platform categorizes and organizes all available investments so they are easily discoverable for the right investors. Investors are able to search for different opportunities, conduct their due diligence through iownit, and potentially invest


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