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Using iownit technology to help the private securities market evolve

Why we started


At the core of the Firm’s business value proposition lies a Blockchain based platform for issuance and secondary trading of digital private securities. We believe that the availability of the iownit platform will meet a large market need and provide tangible benefits to the capital seekers and investors in the private securities market.

Technology has had a profound impact on financial services in the US. New payment methods (e.g. PayPal) enabled the growth of e-commerce. Peer-to-peer lending redefined personal loan markets. Robo-advisors are changing the face of wealth management. Technology has had a massive impact on the listed securities markets, OTC derivatives markets, and other financial markets by improving information flow, execution speed, and overall efficiencies in these markets.

Private securities and investments, a large segment of global capital markets, has not benefited from technological innovation yet. Private capital plays an important economic role. It supports early stage entrepreneurs in developing innovative ideas, enables businesses to grow and reach their potential and provides crucial fuel for many different sectors.

The iownit platform is designed to address the challenges of private placement markets identified above and facilitate capital formation and flow from interested accredited investors to new investment opportunities.




Kartik Gada

Registered Representative & Managing Director

Hamid Gayibov

registered representative & Co-founder

Todd Glassman

registered representative & Managing Director

David hunt

president, chief compliance officer


CEO & Co-Founder

joe milam

director, business development

Jon Thomas


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